dimanche 18 octobre 2009

True Science Fiction Realities ( Part I I )

Imagine simply going under water in a submarine and staying inside for several
months while travelling , and living comfortably and watching " Television " , and
staying dry , having meals , and sleeping always under water ... etc ....

Pure Science Fiction .... Would they ever dreamed that a " two wheeled "engine"
slightly bigger than a baby could drive at 100 miles an hour , climb the hills and
jump few meters , and travel freely in the forest in the fresh air with even an extra
passenger .... Heavens !!! Could it be " Lady Queen Beauty " of my dreams ...

********* Pure Science Fiction*********

Or even explore " S P A C E " with 

 " G I A N T     T E L E S C O P E S " ,  

predicting weather forecast, watch the billions of " STARS " invisible to the
eye , discover other planets and galaxies and unknown worlds beyond our
imagination.... Pure Magic .... And even , at times of being " G O D "
themselves .....

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